I will provide you with the most unforgettable Highlights!

My slogan „Germany has much to offer “ therefore I make myself available for you to search every day. Actually I did this already many years ago. 
As native citizen of Hamburg my natural drive and aspiration and occupation allowed me to travel across the entire European countries. Constantly as coach for seminars with approx. 170 training courses per year, I traveled through mostly Germany.

Hotels became more often my only accommodation, more times even a substitute for my home. 
Each destination had its own characteristics. Sometimes basic and simply, luxurious and lavish, entertaining and colorful, shrill or quietly, charming, coldly, naturally, also boldly, good, badly, stupendous and so on, every time I carried a small amount of this feeling in my suit-case home. 
I would like to share with you some of the most exclusive beauties from my travels. 
One of the most important component for an unique meeting idea, which I design can either be for small or more middle of the road companies, these groups can be  
small or large or completely individually. 
In addition; something private just for you, I create an unforgettable experience after your own heart’s desire.


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